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Based on the original work of company founder Sally Coulden, the Inhale range of glass panels are an observation of the expanse of the landscape, particularly from the tops of Britain’s moody hills. It’s the deep breath we take when we first drink in a sight, and the space created in our lungs when we draw in nature. Inspiration is the feeling of calm created when the inner breath restores and rebalances us.

“The framing of infinity is a key theme in my work,” Coulden said of her Bristol-based studio where she paints. “I grew up in the Norfolk wilderness in a creative home, so noticing and documenting my surroundings has always been a part of my life. By using abstract strokes I can communicate more than the appearance of a place, I can also communicate what one feels there.

Image credit: Red Dog Glass Design

“Red Dog Glass Design’s glass panels and splashbacks are perfect for the hospitality industry,” said Nicola Arnold, Commercial Director, Red Dog Glass Design. “Our pieces are very practical, easy to clean and exceptionally hard-wearing. But it’s not just about function, with a piece of Red Dog glass interior designers have the opportunity to bring something unique to the table, something that adds more to the experience. of the visitor. All of our designs tell a story and all of our pieces are designed to create visual impact,” Arnold continued. “Whether in the rooms themselves or in public spaces such as lobbies and restaurants, a piece of Red Dog glass will elevate any space into something extraordinary.”

Red Dog Glass Design's Inhale Glass makes a surface statement on a reception panel

Image credit: Red Dog Glass Design

Inhale’s bold brushstrokes focus on the power of breath, the simple act of conscious breathing to regulate the parasympathetic nervous system. When we breathe deeply, we naturally calm down. And when we consciously breathe in nature, the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system, combined with being outdoors, has immense benefits. And as individuals, we are beginning to better understand the importance of taking those moments of mindfulness after the pandemic. Research now shows that the way we breathe, combined with being immersed in nature, can have a positive impact on our immune system, heart rate and stress levels.

Inhale is a design that allows this immersion in nature to transfer to the surfaces around us. designs are available in bespoke sizes depending on customer needs and space. A range of ready made sizes are available for bulk use in bathrooms and toilets.

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Main image credit: Red Dog Glass Design