EyeWris’ patented folding reading glass design promises unprecedented convenience, durability and quality

SANTA BARBARA, California, 20 November 2021 / PRNewswire / – The founders of EyeWris, Mark and Kenzo singer, have set out to solve a daily struggle for millions of people around the world with the official launch of their unique line of reading glasses. With patented bistable bridge technology and durable engineering, EyeWris’ revolutionary design goes from wrist wear to eyeglasses and back again. This unprecedented feature promises glasses always at hand.

As founder and creator of Gorilla Glue, Marc the singer is no stranger to solving everyday problems with intuitive technology. A longtime woodworker, Mark understands how important a clear vision is for accuracy. But he quickly discovered the downside of traditional readers.

“I thought the solution was to buy a lot of inexpensive drugstore readers and leave them everywhere. But too often they were still not found when I needed them,” says Mark.

Prior to this project, Mark’s son Kenzo studied structural engineering and architecture at Cornell University, completing his Masters in 2011. When Mark first approached him with the EyeWris concept, Kenzo was working as a structural engineer in Los Angeles, the design of skyscrapers and stadiums.

“Ultimately,” Kenzo notes, “the scale of a skyscraper also applies to something as small as a pair of reading glasses.” EyeWris leverages Mark’s experience as a master craftsman and Kenzo’s background in structural engineering to solve one of the frustrations of everyday life: misplaced reading glasses.

EyeWris’ patented bistable bridge technology allows the glasses to open and close comfortably around the wearer’s wrist. It only takes one hand, one movement and one second to change these wrist glasses into glasses, making them easy to use and always available when you need them.

“I typically need readers thirty or more times a day,” notes Mark. “Having my EyeWris readers on my wrist has become as intuitive as grabbing my phone, wallet, and keys before leaving home. “

Built to last, each pair is tested to open and close over 25,000 times. In addition, these readers are shatterproof, scratch resistant and block blue light. Ultralight flexible arms grip temples smoothly, so drives stay in place without creating discomfort.

“We spend more time, resources and deliberation on a single metal group than most companies spend on an entire pair of readers,” says Kenzo. “This dedication to quality shows in the functionality of EyeWris.”

With stylish design options for men and women, EyeWris is the perfect gift for a loved one or a special gift for yourself. Visit the new EyeWris website for get your pair today

About EyeWris
EyeWris, from the creator of Gorilla Glue, is committed to creating stylish eyewear with revolutionary features. With premium materials, precision craftsmanship, and a clear view of design, EyeWris offers unparalleled convenience for those in need of reading glasses. For more information, please visit: eyewris.com.

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