Clever Japanese glass design lets you know what you’re drinking

Typically, you don’t need to know what you poured into your cup of coffee, but Japanese Twitter user Kazuhiro Watanabe (@kazuhiro_wachi) came across a clever design for drinking glasses that makes this concept very appealing.

Stylish coffee mugs feature the kanji for coffee (珈琲, kohi) and milk (牛乳, gyunyu) written on.

When filled with coffee or milk, the corresponding kanji becomes visible, indicating which of the two you are drinking! If you pour yourself a mixture of milk and coffee, both have become visible.

Photo: @kazuhiro_wachi

The stylish glasses that make pouring your morning coffee fun were created by designer Ippei Tsujio and are available at a design event at Shibuya PARCO Department Store through September 28 (as well as their online store ).

Although because they are activated by the color of a drink and there are only a few options, it means that if you pour yourself a glass of cola it will tell you that you are drinking coffee.


Photo: @kazuhiro_wach

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